Gloss Black Carbon Fiber Patterned Matte Black Metal License Plate Frame for BMW, Accessories for BMW, License Plate Cover for BMW, License Plate Holder for BMW (2 Car Plate Frames)

$42.99 $29.99

  • ?【Like Real Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame】: Our lisense plate cover can completely replace the REAL carbon fiber license plate cover for HALF the price. Because Our carbon fiber pattern is made by high-cost screen printing tech, and it is neatly covered on premium aluminum alloy license plate frame by industrial robot.
  • ?【Stury】: The thickness of our metal license plate frame for BMW is TOP class in the market, it is obviously solider than common aluminum alloy license plate cover and plastic license plate holder.
  • ?【Anti-Fading】: We design the plate frame for BMW with multi-protection layer, to ensure that it does not fade.
  • ?【Stainless License Plate Frame】: In order to fundamentally eliminate the possibility of rusting, we applied ultrasonic anti-rust treatment to our license plate frame for BMW.
  • ?【Exquisite Design & Craftsmanship】: Absolutely smooth surface. Does not cover any license plate info. All the installation accessories you need are ready.

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